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    Hardwood Floor Installation in Tempe City, Arizona: Home & Commercial Hardwood Floor Installation Services

    One of the best ways to enhance your environment with a timeless look that is simple to maintain is to install hardwood flooring in your Tempe City, Arizona home. We only hire the most skilled construction contractors for hardwood flooring, so you are assured that your new floor will be built to the highest standard. Our team in Tempe City, Arizona will provide you with expert-level advice on how to care for your new floor after the installation process is complete, so it will last for years.

    Hardwood Floors Tempe City, Arizona Homeowners Love

    One of the most welcoming welcomes you might get is to step into your Tempe City, Arizona home to be welcomed with a beautiful hardwood floor.

    In your bathroom or kitchen, installing hardwood floors is also a great way to improve the value of your house. If you have decided that the correct option for you is to install hardwood floors in your house, call us today. Our contractors in Tempe City, Arizona will add beautiful floors to your home and even take care of the tiny specifics, such as adding new trim to match your new floor.

    Installing Hardwood Floors in Your Tempe City, Arizona Business

    Nothing will impress customers as they enter your business in Tempe City, Arizona as much as the timeless look of hardwood floors. Our company carries hardwood flooring in a wide variety of wood and design styles, so that no matter the décor design of your business, our team can select a flooring style that will accent it perfectly. Hardwood floors are also significantly more straightforward to maintain than carpeting, especially when it comes to spills. Add a great touch to your Tempe City, Arizona company today with hardwood floors.

    Deciding between Hardwood Floors Engineered or Solid

    One of the biggest choices to make is between solid or engineered flooring while considering building hardwood floors for your Tempe City, Arizona home. Solid flooring is wood all the way through, and on top of high-quality plywood, engineered hardwood flooring is usually made of a layer of hardwood. Both forms have their strengths and disadvantages, but the cost is the most important distinction.

    Usually, designed floors are more economical to install, but can not be sanded or refinished as solid hardwood floors can. Although there is a shortened lifetime for solid hardwood floors, they usually last more than 30 years. Whatever you choose for your hardwood flooring, both styles are highly experienced by our company in Tempe City, Arizona, and will have the cleanest installation possible.

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    Home Solutionz Will Help Make Your Home and Business Stand Out

    Home Solutionz is a locally owned and operated business around the Tempe City, Arizona area that specializes in providing impeccable flooring for the whole community.

    We offer exemplary results in floor repair, installation or maintenance backed up by 30 years of combined experience in the flooring industry; we are confident we can exceed your standards and expectations. Send us a call to learn more about our Tempe City, Arizona flooring services.

    We Got You Covered

    At Home Solutionz, we offer flooring services that range from hardwood to tile, to carpet. Whether you need brand new carpet installation, flooring replacement, or special services like countertop installation for your home or business, we are your team! Call or Get A Free Estimate Now to find out more about Home Solutionz!